Bronze Africa – the gallery of bronze sculptures created by John Tolmay

John Tolmay created Bronze Africa in 1999 when he officially dedicated himself to sculpting African wildlife, hunting scenes and African tribespeople in bronze. He took his thorough knowledge of African animals and people, combined that with his considerable talent as an artist and has subsequently gone on to sell hundreds of bronze pieces to discerning collectors of art around the world.

Here at Bronze Africa you can explore an exciting collection of high-end bronze art in the Gallery, get the latest updates from the studio, see when and where you can next view his work at a show or exhibition and if you are interested in a piece, you can request a price. Or you can even find out more about John’s colourful life.

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News and Updates from the Studio

Belligerence is here – all 250lbs of it…

November 30th, 2016|Categories: Buffalo, Large, News|

Well we took time about it, Belligerence and I - and now the time has come to bring you my most ambitious sculpture to date. Six buffalo bulls on a termite mound, tightly packed, multiple levels, dynamic poses - a piece that took months of work but I wanted to raise the bar and aim higher. I wanted to [...]

Two new quirky pieces in the Gallery

November 30th, 2016|Categories: News, Small, Warthog|

A couple of new pieces in the Gallery that are a little more light hearted in nature. Find out more about mother warthog and her brood here. I have called this piece Pigs Trotters - for obvious reasons. And for those of you who enjoy rural African scenes here is a little piece that speaks [...]

Introducing my American pieces

November 30th, 2016|Categories: Medium, News|

I have started to diversify my range of work and the natural direction for me to go in is to start making sculptures with a North American theme. Obviously it's a step in a slightly different direction for me but then my long association with the US makes the step that much easier to make. High [...]

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